Not so fast my friend.

Much to the dismay of some of my liberal friends I was quick to call that first debate as a victory for Romney. Alas my friends at Drudge don’t seem to have the same objective lens as they’re calling this second round a tie.

Yea, I call bullshit.

And apparently so did Obama. In several instances on topics ranging from energy (Romney claiming even ‘clean coal’ kills), to Health Care (Romney and Ryan would indeed turn medicare into a voucher program) to taxes and spending (Romney and his 8 trillion dollar mystery plan), Obama was not only assertive and on the attack, but also successful in sticking to a more truthful narrative than his opponent. According, at least, to,, and the Washington Post.

The tone of the debate also seemed to work in the favor of Barry O-Bombs, as he was able to stay calm and focused, even while delivering some obviously painful return fire regarding our slain ambassador. Romney began strong as well, and during (what I’m sure will be the most talked about moment tomorrow) their little tiff where they talked over each other about oil production the momentum could have gone either way, but Obama seemed energized by the confrontation while Romney seemed to exude a visible agitation that he never fully shook off.

For the love of Christ, can someone please tell me why Romney hasn’t drummed up one or two specific cuts or numbers about his tax plan? I mean come on! They warned Ryan about the same thing for a fucking week before his debate and he lost ground on it, and after all that Mitt’s handlers can’t find ONE GODDAMN FACT to spew out? “Let me just throw out a number, uh-“, no, jackass, just throwing out numbers isn’t a plan. I’m sorry for the language, and even though I (full disclosure, if not obvious already) do support Obama, I personally have nothing against Romney, but as a former debate student it is just infuriating when someone drops the ball that hard.

(Drinking NyQuil now…)

All in all, Romney seemed to falter after the question on taxes, and I don’t think he really recovered. And I guess when Fox News calls the result a tie, the Democrat probably had a pretty solid victory.

What that means for the election? Not nearly as entertaining as what that means for the next debate. I’ve been watching these things since I was in high school, and I can honestly say the debates this election cycle have been the most enjoyable I’ve seen in my life. Alright, Ross Perot asking if the moderator could let him finish was pretty funny.

Great work by Candy Crowley as well! I would not have been able to keep the same level head she showed while dealing with (at times) two full grown children shouting and dodging questions.

Hello medicine, goodbye interwebs. Great debate, I love televised arguments (and strangely despise any “Jersey-based” reality programming)…